Suzy's Story

Hi...I'm Suzy Heazlewood and this is my story and why I am incredibly passionate about spreading the Anti bullying/Pro Love message....

Although I share this I have WELL and TRULY moved on from this space and time in my life....but this is definitely why I am so passionate about hearing everyone's story and doing all I can to create awareness around the bullying epidemic ๐Ÿ’œ Suzy xx

'Darkness NEEDS light... the world is big enough for us all to shine'

My Story...
I have been PASSIONATE about skincare and cosmetics my whole life.

When I was 4 ....I broke into an adult neighbours house while she was away to 'Borrow' her make up and all of her, I am not promoting 'breaking and entering' and am glad to say I never pursued a career in it... but you kind of get where my skincare obsession began!!!

I do believe everything happens for a reason although at the time it may feel like a 'Living Hell'...I'm now fulfilling my dream ..

I was a Postie in NZ on and off for 28 years and also landed a role on TV presenting/ promoting an anti ageing capsule on NZ's Good Morning show as well as doing TVC's for the brand

During the 8 years on TV, I encountered severe online and public abuse from women. Some of the things I was called not just online but to my face was 'Ugly, Crepey, Creepy, Don't need a mask for Halloween, Ugliest women on TV...If I met her I'd want to blow her face off ' There's that ugly puraz bitch she doesn't look that great'..' She looks 60 not 40'.. the list goes on ...all in wasn't just a few times it was continuous...I actually kept a puraz timeline of hate (I have since burnt this!) Twice I became so low that I didn't want to live . I developed severe anxiety especially going to malls or public places . My husband who was in a band at the time had to jump off stage numerous times to stop women from pushing me on the dance floor. I expected to be recognized and I would give my time to anyone who wanted to have a chat...but I had no idea to the amount of backlash I would receive for doing my job and being me... I took myself off all social media...but the public scrutiny I could not escape . My whole family suffered throughout the nightmare as they were at times witnesses to it and also to the affect it was having on my self esteem

My husband and I moved to the Gold Coast 5 years ago to pursue a new life . We knew that if we stayed in NZ ...I would not still be here on this planet it was affecting me that much.

I got a job working in a pharmacy as Cosmetician/ skincare specialist

One huge thing I noticed when working in store was that when I would hold the mirror up to women the first thing they would do was tell me what the hate about themselves... We women, are our worst critics to ourselves...which is why I believe so many women compete and try and tear other women down!!

I finally quit doing the ads as I had been flying back and forth from OZ to NZ to continue the job... I hadn't wanted to let the haters win... in the end it got too much and one of my son's Jim wrote my resignation letter... I went public about the affect the abuse had on myself and my family by going on a 20/20 NZ documentary as well as doing an article about it in the NZ Woman's Weekly 2 years ago...I did this to purge the pain I had been carrying around and to say 'It is not OK'

I would stand up for anyone else in this situation so I had to make a Stand for me...

My own kind ( women) were sadly the perpetrators.

It has led me to being active about 'Bringing back the Sistahood'.. where women celebrate each other, not slag one another...

Since going public I have been inundated with well wishes and love from Kiwis via email and in public in NZ and OZ.... the positive feedback has been huge.

It has restored my faith in women and my country...

Women now see me as face of Anti bullying and tell me their own experiences!! I am happy to be a platform where anyone can express their pain .... and rise above it.

Beautiful Charlotte Dawson who had experienced similar abuse especially online told me "Suzy, don't let the haters get you down" and to "stay active" ... sadly she is gone!

I tell you my story as a Survivor Not as a Victim ...

After Charlotte left, I had to purge my pain and do more with my message. I was very fortunate to be working with the wonderful top compounding chemist / scientist on the Gold Coast, Jack Hammond, who was creating some amazing products for me to trial.

I was also sick of the way, we as women and men, are exploited in the beauty industry, so I asked Jack to create a range for me with topical peptides, topical vitamins and glycolics. I wanted a range of clinical skincare products but without the supermodel fancy packaging or the hefty price tag ... enter the birth of ... Suzy H SkinNutrition 'Helping you love who you see in the mirror'.

5 years on, I am still promoting my range Suzy H Skin Nutritionย 
and my anti-bullyingย message .
โ€˜ Itโ€™s hard enough to survive let alone succeed ... so be kind โ€˜ โค๏ธ