Clinical Strength Vitamin A 1% Serum 30ml

Clinical Strength Vitamin A 1% Serum 30ml

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Suzy’s Vitamin A 1% serum
is a rich clinical strength 1% Vitamin A for lines, wrinkles suitable
for all skin types including breakout
and acne prone skin

Water free, Vitamin A Gel (for ageing skin types) – This concentrated clear waterless silicone based gel that contains 1% retinol to help improve the appearance of aged skin and reduce the appearance of pigmentation.

Suzy's Retinol serum is made up of retinoids, a retinoid is a tropical form of Vitamin A. Vitamin A is the number one anti-wrinkle ingredient recommended by dermatologists. Its sole purpose is to promote cell turnover. It eliminates the old, bad cells and produces new, plump and healthy cells. Nothing works more effectively at eliminating the appearance of wrinkles and fine lines than retinol. It’s the best anti-aging ingredient. There is so much scientific research to prove that the vitamin A derivative can really help undo wrinkles and even discolouration caused by sun damage.

Not recommended for extremely sensitive skin types (i.e. rosacea or very dehydrated skin), pregnant or nursing mothers. Do not apply if using Retin-A, Renova, Accutane or glycolic acid.


Use only under supervision of a skin care professional. Note that each individual may metabolise Vitamin A differently. A period of acclimation to this strength of Vitamin A may be necessary. See recommended use schedule below.

Evenings 1, 2, 3: Apply small amount on entire face and neck.

Evenings 4, 5, 6, 7: Allow the skin to rest; use Hydrating Cream in place of Vitamin A Gel.

Thereafter: Alternate 3 nights on and then 4 nights off for six weeks.

The goal is to build tolerance so that you can use product consistently for 5 nights without signs of dryness or irritation.
Some shedding and redness is normal Discontinue if prolonged sensitivity occurs...Sensitive skin may prefer my Like-A-Vitamin cream which is plant based Retinol for sensitive skin
DO NOT use if pregnant. Use sunblock during the day

Vitamin A Gel Active Ingredients: Ingredients: Vitamin A palmitate, dimethicone, PC-12, Isopropyl Palmitate.