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Love your skin with Suzy H Skin Nutrition

“Suzy H Skin Nutrition is all about helping you love who you seen in the mirror.”


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So says owner of Suzy H Skin Nutrition, Gold Coast and Auckland-based Suzy Heazlewood who created the industry-leading business in July 2014 with the goal of providing clinical grade and scientifically proven skincare without the extravagant packaging or a hefty price tag.


People will recognize Suzy Heazlewood through her regular guest appearances on the Good Morning show as well regular TVC’s. She also has many years of experience in the Skincare industry as a Cosmetician, TV presenter and product consumer.


It wasn’t until Suzy met well-known and sought after Cosmetic Compounding Chemist Jack Hammond, who had formulated a range of high quality products for Suzy to try with amazing results, that Suzy H Skin Nutrition was born.


Made with only the best high strength active ingredients the Suzy H Skin Nutrition products contain no parabens, sulphates, palm oil or fancy fragrancies and contain only the “good stuff” such as topical vitamins and peptides. “Once you use medical grade skincare you never look back or want to use anything else,” adds Suzy.


The Suzy H Skin Nutrition range can benefit a wide variety of people with ranging skin issues at cost effective price point. “Both women and men not only buy my products and see results, but because they can also afford to re-purchase,” comments Suzy.


Everything that Suzy Heazlewood stands for goes hand in hand with her absolute dedication to her anti-bullying campaign. Suzy has recently been elected as the Australian and New Zealand ambassador for Angels Hope, an anti-bullying organization helping to prevent bullying and youth suicide.


The product range from The Suzy H Skin Nutrition can treat a variety of skin issues. If you are looking for some targeted help with a specific skin condition or just want to look and feel great in your own skin contact the skin nutrition experts Suzy H Skin Nutrition today.


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UPDATE: New Products, New Currency & Coupon Code!

Check our Latest products!


Hi guys, this is Jimmy here, Suzy’s son. I’ve probably been in contact in one way or another with most of you! I have been working behind the scenes on Suzy H Skin Nutrition as it has been VERY busy lately!

2016 Will bring four brand new products into the range. The Lip Plump -$19.95 (already released and hugely popular) The AHA/BHA Mask/Peel  $43.95 (Released today) Retinol 0.2% Single Use Caps – $65.95 (Due May 2016)  All Skin Types Cleanser – $32.95 (Due June 2016)

The word about the Lip Plump Balm has spread far and wide amongst NZ and mainly due to a post one of our customers, Jamie, put on a Facebook beauty and skin page. That night we were absolutely flooded with orders and the website temporarily crashed! We completely sold out and went into back order. The feedback and results from this product have been incredible!jamie - lip plump

Some of you may have noticed a recent change to the way we accept payments at checkout. We recently changed our online currency to NZD from AUD. This means that both Aussies and Kiwi’s will end up getting a cheaper deal. With that, we had to change our payment processing gateway and are now primarily using Paypal. However if you don’t have a Paypal account, you can still click through and enter card details without having an account and it will process there and then.

COUPON CODE! As of today, until MAY 31st, 2016. Use coupon code: may2016 at checkout to receive 15% off your entire order! You can use this coupon twice (in separate orders)

We are continuing to get Suzy H Skin Nutrition into Pharmacies in Auckland and we are proud to announce that the products can now be found in the following stores.

Albany Life Pharmacy

Commodore Pharmacy Browns Bay

Gopals Pharmacy, Grey Lynn

Glenfield 7 Day Pharmacy

Birkenhead Life Pharmacy

Hobsonville Unichem

Waiheke Island Unichem

Thank you to our loyal customers, consultants and pharmacies for your continued support and business

I hope this update finds you well, and that 2016 has been a great year for you so far!




Rejuvenating Day/Night Cream

MERRY CHRISTMAS and THANK YOU to all those who continue to Love and use my range!!!

If you are struggling on what to buy for Christmas you cant go wrong with this wonderous cream fantastic for ALL skin types Day/Night and eye cream in one!!!!….Very anti ageing less is more !! Great for Women and Men!!

Suzy’s luxurious and hydrating day cream contains Hyaluronic acid, Shea butter and vitamins A and E.

It is incredibly moisturising leaving a light dewy finish to the skin.

Shea butter comes from the fat of the nut of The African Shea Tree and helps reduce the appearance of fine lines, scars and stretch marks.

Shea butter has a high quality of essential fatty acids as well as plant sterols which makes it a perfect barrier cream for any treatments.

Use daily morning and night on its own or with your treatment of choice.

Normal / Dry skin types.

Tip: pat/tap on don’t rub :))

100% Money back guarantee!!!

Love Suzy xx


Clinical Strength Vitamin A 1% Water Free Serum!!! 30ml

When I first trialed this amazing anti-ageing topical vitamin I could only use it every 3rd night as my skin is quite sensitive!!

Having persevered with it I have been now using it every night for 2 months and my skin is just embracing it!!

You see…. the Like-A-vitamin cream plant based retinol for sensitive skin was created because of my own sensitivity

Obviously my skin is now used to this concentrated version of Vitamin A and I am loving it

I swap around every 3 months with  this routine in ‘Treatment’ products:

Matrixireline 6 morning and night for 3 months, then Vit C in the morning Vit A at night, snake venom around the eyes for 3 months….and my skin is loving this arrangement as I am throwing it out of whack and activating  new skin cells …. not becoming too immune to the same product…..But remember we are all different so if you are loving and getting results from your trusty favourite routine stick with it!!

Vitamin A Gel (For Aging skin types) – This concentrated clear waterless silicone based gel  contains 1% retinol to help improve the appearance of aged skin and reduce pigmentation from UV damaged skin.

Suzy’s Retinol serum is made up of retinoids, a retinoid is a tropical form of Vitamin A. Vitamin A is the number one anti-wrinkle ingredient recommended by dermatologists. Its sole purpose is to promote cell turnover. It eliminates the old, bad cells and produces new, plump and healthy cells. Nothing works more effectively at eliminating the appearance of wrinkles and fine lines than retinol. It’s the best anti-aging ingredient. There is so much scientific research to prove that the vitamin A derivative can really help undo wrinkles and even discoloration caused by sun damage.

Not recommended for extremely sensitive skin types (i.e. rosacea or very dehydrated skin), NOT for  pregnant or nursing mothers. Do not apply if using Retin-A, Renova, Accutane or glycolic acid.

NOTE: Please Use sunblock Daily when using Retinol/Vitamin A in this strength

Remember all of my range is Medical/Clinical Grade so Less is More!! 🙂

Happy Days!!! Love Suzy xx

Vitamin A 1% Serum

Snake Peptide Wrinkle Eye Venom!! 30 mils

This amazing product has fastly become one of my top sellers!!! It can be used anywhere there is wrinkling … But.a few of my customers use it all over their face and neck and are loving the results…Less is more though and remember it is a Treatment so can be used on it’s own or under your moisturiser….

Suzy’s Snake Peptide Wrinkle Venom Eye Cream is designed to help plump and firm the delicate eye area.

Peptides are molecularly structured to penetrate down through the layers to where the degradation starts…

Use around the eye area, nasal labia folds, forehead wrinkles or anywhere you want firming and wrinkle reduction.

Apply morning and night

All skin types

Scientific Review:  The active compound is based on a synthetic tripeptide that mimics the effect of the venom of the Temple Viper. The activity of snake peptide reduces the contraction frequency of muscle cells on the face, thereby decreasing the appearance of expression lines. In vivo testing showed an impressive reduction of over 50% in wrinkle size after 28 days.

dipeptide diaminobutyroyl benzylamide diacetate

Properties: Has been found in clinical studies to reduce the appearance of wrinkles and expression lines due to reduction of contraction frequency.


NEW PRODUCT!!! ‘After Surfing Cream’ !!!

When I worked in Pharmacy I used to get asked time and time again by Surfies what cream do you recommend for ‘After Surfing’ …….I was thrilled to see how much they ….too… wanted to look after their skin whilst out in the ‘Ravaging’ Surf and of course living on the GC it is only natural I would want something for ‘Surfies’ in my range…So I am proud to introduce this new addition to my range aptly named ‘After Surfing’ cream

Suzy’s After Surfing Cream is perfect for those who are out in the Harsh elements!!
It contains Nourishing Shea Butter, Soothing Aloe, Healing Vitamin E and Hydrating Hyaluronic Acid to help Heal and soften parched skin
It Does Not contain sunscreen so as not to take away from the efficacy of the Anti ageing effects
Apply Morning and night or anytime when skin is feeling dry
Use sunscreen over top when outside


The Importance of Topical Vitamins, Glycolics and Peptides !!!!

Just a bit about Suzy H…and what we have to offer….
I have known for a long time that applying vitamins topically to the skin is just as important (if not more important to the skin) as taking them orally when it comes to keeping skin in optimal condition!! I have also spent $155 on a Vitamin C serum before…it was good but I just couldn’t justify the price!!
Beneath our skin are many egg like cells that need to stay firm and healthy to keep our skin looking youthful, as we age these cells start to soften and loose their shape,
Clinical Grade Vitamins A, B,C and E all play their role in keeping these cells active ,nourished and more toned.
Peptides are also an exciting and valuable addition to modern day skincare…they are molecularly structured to penetrate down through the layers where the degradation begins…unlike many lotions that just sit on the surface..
Glycolic and /or Lactic acid is a must when it comes to sloughing away dead skin cells and keeping skin plump and smooth…used in moderation glycolic helps to break down the glue that holds the dead skin cells together, activating new baby cells revealing a more youthful complexion.
As a consumer myself I would rather what is inside the jar be more valuable and beneficial to me than the jar itself .
I have been taking collagen capsules orally for 9 years so it is only natural I would want to create my own even more efficient version…these contain 100% pure Bovine Collagen, Hyaluronic Acid ,Silica and Vitamin C.
I have added these bonus compounds to help facilitate the absorption of collagen … we have not compromised the amount of collagen to add these components… hence the need for 3 capsules a night.
I am excited and delighted to be offering this range of scientific skin nutrition for you to try and what’s more get results!
Remember Less is more as all of our range is clinical high strength.
Some peeling and shedding of skin is quite normal, especially when using Glycolic, Vitamins C and A. Always use sunblock when using these products.
Also please keep away from heat and store away from light to maintain the efficacy of all our products.
Please note also there are no fragrances or fancy smells added to Suzy H just quality high strength clinical grade active ingredients.

Results will speak for themselves!!
LOve Suzy xx

Shining the Spotlight on ‘Matrixireline 6 ‘!!!!

Suzy’s WONDER serum/ cream is a ‘one stop shop’. It contains amazing peptides Matrixyl synthe- 6, Argireline, Hyaluronic acid, Sea buckthorn oil, Squaline ( derived from olives) and orange oil.

A combination of powerful Anti ageing ingredients that help to plump , firm and hydrate the skin , significantly reducing the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles.

Peptides are molecularly structured to penetrate down through the layers of skin to where the degradation starts ( unlike some creams that just sit on the surface)

Matrixyl Synthe 6 helps fill wrinkles in from the inside, where wrinkles are quite deep it helps to visibly plump

It stimulates the 6 major constituents of the skin matrix…it works on the ‘scaffolding’ of the skin helping to keep it smooth and lifted.

Argireline helps to prevent wrinkles by topically slowing down muscle movement..

Hyaluronic Acid is a moisturising compound that absorbs up to 1000 times its weight in moisture. It is your skins ‘Reservoir’..

This winning formulation is a must for those serious about anti ageing!

Use on its own or for greater results add one of your favourite treatments beforehand

Can be patted around the orbital bone of the eye as well as the face, neck and decolatage
All skin types, especially lined dehydrated aging skin

Happy to help….Love suzy xx

Matrixireline 6 Hydrating Peptide Serum
Matrixireline 6 Hydrating Peptide Serum

Give Acne The Boot!!! ‘Fresh Face day Cream!!!

This topic is very personal to me ….as I know some very close to me who have suffered from the debilitating affects of acne/ pimple prone skin!!!

The crazy thing about it is it can strike at any age…although generally teenagers and youth are the highest sufferers!!

There are many products out there in the market from very aggressive to more natural tea tree based products….what I hate are the ones that are filled with chemicals and colourings that do more harm than good…they make the skin addicted , meaning that all is well and good whilst you are using it but the minute you stop the skin gets even worse!!

Suzy H ‘ FRESH FACE DAY CREAM ‘ is specifically formulated to help such skin types,…..containing simple yet HIGHLY effective amounts of Glycolic and lactic Acid , Niacinamide ( Vit B3) and  aloe ( a calmative) oil free moisturiser

Acne feeds off dead skin cells…so as long as these are present ….acne will thrive…yet you do not want to ‘Strip’ the skin…..

Starving skin of hydration actually freaks it out ……creating more oil….It becomes a vicious cycle…

This combination allows the skin to ‘Unglue’ the dead skin whilst keeping it nourished and at its optimal PH balance….no fragrance alcohol or nasties…..just results!!!

Spot treat the area or use over the whole face daily or every second day…… AVOID eye area.

Clinical strength so less is more!!

Use sunblock when using Glycolic

The feedback and testimonials I have received on this particular product have been huge….It gives me great pleasure to know and hear your Results…

Always here to help

Love Suzy xx11020965_1053982481285064_4238403657033020689_o

We Have a WINNER!!!

Thank you so much to all you lovely people who have subscribed to Suzy H….as promised I have drawn a lucky winner who will receive a full 50 mils of my Hyaluronic 1% Hydrating Gel
When I think about about wanting to turn a ‘Prune’ back into a ‘Plum’ I immediately think about Hyaluronic Acid. This is a Hydrating compound that occurs naturally in the body. It absorbs up to 1000 times its weight in moisture….. It’s your skins ‘Reservoir’ but like collagen, as we age we loose it!!! When applied topically, skin immediately looks and feels more plump, firm and hydrated!!…. (can be used morning and night underneath your moisturizer)
The winners email address is….Yay!!!
Could you please email me your name and address or Facebook me so I can get this amazing product to you ASAP !!!
Love Suzy xx