Charities & Foundations

July, 2016

We are so pleased to announce the launch of the Suzy H Child Advocate Anti-bullying Foundation, this foundation will use profits from our Coconut oil to help against suicide, depression and prevent bullying in schools in Australia and New Zealand.

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As well as Suzy Heazlewood being an ambassador for the foundation, we also have Phil Twigge on board as an ambassador to help promote the cause.


The current Foundations that we stand by and support are Kidsline, Lifeline, Beyond Blue and Charlottes Law.


Charlottes Law is an organization petitioning to make cyber-bullying a criminal offense in Australia.


Lara Harwood and Em Mastronardi who are the founders of Charlottes Law have worked tirelessly to get this to the doors of Australian Parliament.



Click here to sign the petition and help make this happen: