Suzy H Skin nutrition has been many years in the making and brings together the science, technology and personal experiences in Skincare products.

Suzy Heazlewood has many years of experience in the Skincare industry as  a Cosmetician, TV presenter and product consumer. Suzy was selected as the face of a  skin supplement company in New Zealand with regular appearances on the Good Morning show as well regular TVC’s for the product.

During the 7 years promoting that brand Suzy experienced increased Cyber bullying and harassment leading her to migrate to Australia where she wasn’t a celebrity. Working as a Cosmetic Consultant at Priceline Pharmacy, Suzy met well known and sought after Cosmetic Compounding Chemist Jack Hammond who had formulated a range of high quality products for Suzy to try , with amazing results!!!.


Suzy Heazlewood

Our one and only Suzy! Bringing back the Sistahood!! Helping you love who you see in the mirror without the hefty price tag. Skincare specialist and Cosmetician. The Founder of Suzy H Skin Nutrition products and the Face against Bullying. In 2016 she created the Suzy H child Advocate Anti-Bullying Foundation.

Jimmy Heazlewood

Jimmy Heazlewood, Suzy’s son, works mostly behind the scenes, communicating with customers and Pharmacies and works on stock control and website maintenance.
He is an Auckland based Actor and Musician who has trained at the Stella Adler Academy in Los Angeles and has appeared in various Film, TV and Theatre projects.